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Well I got to thinking again after poor performance on my Lionel 41 Army switcher. So as before with my alcos I thought I try to add the 2028 F3 etc motor to it .. ...

And it worked! I did have to change the gear for the shaft but other wise a little dermal and tapping. and just finished  test driving  it.. as Lionel state in the manual it should pull 3 or 4 crs .. but with this motor you can add 3 or four more (lol)

If it had traction tires it would  be up their with the big boys but it really sounds and has alot of power.. daniel


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Daniels Modified 41 Army  using 2028-100 motor
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I use the alco  200 series  gear

Once you have it apart you will see a half moon indention  on one side

either dermal  it down or shave the side of the 2028 -100  (see my other posts)

I removed the armature and lined it pretty much where the rivets under the 2028 -100 are to what use to hold the armature on.. (to me Lionel could of done this back in the day  )

I dont have any real instructions Im a hands on type of a guy . (side note my mom was that way (lol) When  she cooked ... well you have to just be thier to know what to do... (lol)  daniel

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