I am attempting to do me my second transplant of a PS 2.0 system into an older PS 1 locomotive. I am taking the system from a S2 Turbine starter set locomotive and putting it into a PS 1 Torpedo. I successfully transplanted a starter PS 2.0 system into a non-sound locomotive and it went well. The challenge I have this time is that the turbines PS 2.0 system is in the boiler. Does anyone have a clue if this can be done without purchasing additional hardware? If anyone had done this before please give me some advice. I am doing it because the Turbine is a weak puller and i bought it for parts.

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If it's a boiler board system it's probably PS2 5v. In that case I wouldn't even bother with the swap. Those boards are bound to fail sooner rather than later.

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I didn't get a box with it but it is the locomotive from the 30-1167-1 R-T-R set. It is a 8.4 volt board that is in the boiler if that helps.

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Receiving locomotive is 30-1164-1. I have several of these 0S 2 locos and I have never had a problem and I am willing to take a chance moving it over.

you would have to install the whole harness and hope its long enough to reach since its a different engine then the turbine engine both engines the boards are mounted inside the engine. you might have to change the flywheel tape if its different then the turbine one because the speed might be different! I have the turbine your talking about. if the PS 1 Torpedo you have to make sure the board will even fit inside the engine, and you might have to make a special bracket? might be a challenge for sure if your not use to fabricating could be difficult!

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I have have plenty of Tach tape for the flywheel so that will not be a problem. The torpedo is wide enough that is for sure but I am not sure about the length. I had taken the shell off the torpedo and there is not much under the shell at all. If I can fit it lengthwise than I can use the existing mounting brackets but would most like have to tap a couple of holes for screws which is no problem. I can extend any wires as that is what I had to do for my last transplant and it worked fine. I know people say the 5 V boards fail often but knock on wood none of mine have yet and I have a lot of them. The last time I did this I just unscrewed everything and left it intact and after the install I just had to extend the wires.

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Got it, I will just be adding it instead as I know PS 1 motors don't have it on the flywheels. The Torpedo has a lot bigger motor so it will take one of the longer strips. One more thing I bought some of that yellow film that is over the boards so should I double it up or replace it? Good advice here all of the way around and thanks to all.

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You have wrong harness for this type of swap this way.  If you want to mount in tender you need to custom wire it following a PS-2 upgrade instruction other than using the 8.4V battery stuff, and having to add diodes to the engine for PV.  G

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I will be mounting it just like the donor. It will fit just like the original so the original harness configuration will be used. 

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