Another Q re: K-line smoking cabeese

I just studied the lighting circuit for these and am a bit confused.  The ckt contains 8 incandescent bulbs in series. But there's another ckt located half-way between the 8.  Here there's a parallel ckt,  each leg of which contains 2 diodes in series,   the 2 in one leg pointing one direction and the 2 in the other leg pointing in the opposite direction.  As I see it, except for  the ~ 1.4 voltage drop thru each pair, the 2 pairs tend to 'cancel' each other......It seems that this 1.4 voltage drop MAY be used to light the 2 marker lamps.

To me, it's a confusing ckt!  Can anyone explain its real purpose?

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I don''t know anything about the circuit.  I recommend that you do not run the smoke units in K-Line cabooses.  I have experienced caboose tops melting when the smoke unit is run on command control layouts.  I have never had any problems with the lights on any of my K-Line cabooses.

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