Another "Unstoppable" incident.

Holy crap, Batman !

Dan Padova


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One good thing is that there is nobody out there in the Pilbarra region of Australia, and thus no significant danger to the public.

However, it appears almost certain that the Driver did not properly secure the train in the manner prescribed by the Company rules before stepping off for the inspection.  The chance that this resulted from an equipment failure is minuscule.  

I am surprised that the dispatching office was not able to initiate an emergency brake application by radio.  The technology for that exists, and due to the remoteness of the area served by this railroad, it would seem that there would be options for stopping a train in the case of incapacitation of the Driver.  And surely this locomotive is equipped with an electronic alertness device requiring periodic acknowledgment from the Driver when the train is moving (and at least tattling by radio if disabled by anyone). (?)

There are questions not answered by the news release.



Superintendent, High Plains Division (O Gauge) 

The Panhandle & Santa Fe Railway Co.

Lone Star Hi-Railers

Santa Fe, All the Way

Interesting...For discussion's sake lets say a hose bag lets go  250 cars from the engine on this 268 ore train with a one man crew,(as tom mentioned driver).  (PS I have no idea  of tonnage of the train except it must have happen on a down grade.

How would you go about fixing the problem? 

Would you not  need air flowing through the train line to find the leak? The train is now stopped in emergency.

Does the Driver have to tie on about 30 0r 40 handbrakes  before he can recover the air and then  walk the train to  find and change the hose bag .???Once the hose bag is changed what's the next move?? If he reconnects the hose bag to the rear of the train the brakes on the whole train are going to charge up and release. The Driver is still back 200 cars from the engine....   Comments??









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