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No tricks but instructions are good from Evan Designs with the kits. My first was a police car with all the flashing lights and this one a simple sedan with headlights and tail lights. Interesting to note, both vehicles are dodge diplomat sedans. Choosing a suitable vehicle is 80% of the battle, making sure there is a way to get to the lights you want to Illuminate and also be able to hide the wires. Light kits are pretty cheep and worth a try! Have fun!

I have used Evans Design LEDs to light up both police cars and fire trucks. One trick I use to light up taillights which are small is to use Lionel part 2332-34 running light. I drill small hole and insert running light and then glue LED behind it.  I have recently did this to a few different model cars and it works well. I will be selling these cars at the local train show in April. I've also included photo of GG1 with LED lit running lights.


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Okay, this is getting addictive! I just completed another light installation, this time in a die cast Amtrak police car. The 2 kits I used are these:


This installation required drilling holes through the headlight and tail light areas and gluing in the LEDs using the recommended GE silicone adhesive:


While I was at it, I added 2 policemen:


Here’s the finished product in place on the layout:



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  • 02175BD4-D08C-467B-8D79-A465D7665E64
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@SIRT posted:

           Evans has some great items! Will be ordering another batch this year.




Steve, nice work'.. Evan Designs are wonderful people and great products'.. I have used their Model Builder software for over 100 structures for sub walls etc.  I lost count of how many light products I've used'...

I love what you have done with your I95 signs'... Excellent'..

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