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I use The BingFu Antenna  • {Click here} To see specs & purchase.

{1} BingFu Antenna • $10.00

{2} This is a roof mounted BingFu Antenna with a magnetic base.

{3} The only negative to this antenna is the magnet power could be stronger. Sometimes the antenna will come off the vehicle but it will cause no damage because of it’s lightweight.

{4}. Check out this thread:

3 Antenna

Hope this helps: Gary 🚂


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  • 3 Antenna

Thanks to all!  I am also going to get up to Ham Radio Outlet in Milwaukee, (the old Amateur Electronics)  to se what they have.   Since my old BC100XLT is quite old, I might also look at the BC125XLT as well.    Still weighing all my options.   Did hear from Railcom, and the Railscan Gain antenna is $84 plus shipping, only a few bucks more than the Traintenna model.

I was out rail-fanning today at the CN Yard in Waterford, Michigan. Photos from this trip will be posted on “Rail-fanning on the OGR Form”. Sidebar story: on my way home I stopped at the Oakland International Airport, Waterford, Michigan.

To test the Scanner & Antenna. Most of the action was on frequency 160.5500 conversations between the tower & aircraft. These communications are very understandable.

1 160.5900

2 Antenna

Gary 🚂


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  • 2 Antenna

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