I have an mth locosound mohawk /mountain type if your from the south.I was suprised how well it pulls a train.It would pull a 43 car freight train with no trouble at all.I has pull just as well as my other ps2 locomotives.And will leave a nice trail of smoke to.Now the sound is the not so good part.But I can over look that.Been thinking about getting a lionel sound boxcar or maybe making my own sound car.So let hear from you guys out there.

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I also have a MTH Locosound NW2 Railking but mine does not have a smoke unit. The sound is ok but I have a small layout and could never manage near that many cars. 

When I ran long trains like that.I was living in a mobel home.So I could due that.But I have moved to a house.I can run trains about 25 cars now.

I have the older "General" loco sound locomotive.  Unfortunately the circuit board in the tender got bumped around during shipping and shorted out to the frame the first time I put power to it, so I've never actually heard the sounds.  It received a bridge rectifier and has been one of my most reliable public display locomotives since then which is all I wanted out of it anyway.

I only have a Aerotrain and a PCC Trolley with Loco Sound, I had a couple of RK Steamers but tossed them into De Bay when I went 3 rail scale a few years ago. Like John stated the sound left much to be desired.

Sueme Valley System

I had a RailKing GS2 (the large one) with Locosound. It ran well and never gave me any trouble but sounded awful. I sold it and replaced it with a Premier GS4 with PS2 3V. The RailKing GS2 was the last non-scale piece I owned. 

Santa Fe, All the Way

My 1st 2 engines were Locosounds, a 2-8-0 and a RS3.  The RS3 diesel sound was good, the 2-8-0 sound like a box-o-rocks.  I converted both to PS2 then to BPRC.  I actually have two RK 2-8-0, the oldest one (the Locosound engine) is a fine, slow puller, the newer one takes a bit more throttle to get moving but I feel it'll end up like the 1st once it wears in/out.

All the heavy diecast engines I have are great pullers, even the RK Imperial USRA 0-6-0.

Another fine puller is my Lionel 4-8-2 and has excellent slow speed under BPRC.

About the only engine I have that isn't heavy is the Weaver RS3, but I never pull more than a few cars with it, I've never tested it to see how many it can pull.


4+ years and STILL Having A Blast Running BPRC

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