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I've decided to take my own advice and start this... Although I am primarily a fan of the New York Central and Pennsylvania Railroad, there are a few other smaller lines that I really like. One of these is the Delaware & Hudson. Much like the New Haven, I think one of the first things that drew me to the D&H was the paint scheme - there is something about the blue, gray, and yellow that is beautiful. I read in The Historical Guide to North American Railroads that the D&H upgraded their passenger service to take people to Expo 67 - the World's Fair in Montreal. As a kid, I took a train from Manhattan to Montreal to go to the fair - don't know if it was on the D&H, but I know it definitely traveled over some of their trackage. And now that I live in northeast Pennsylvania, I am in some of the D&H's latter day territory (I sware I saw a painting somewhere of a D&H PA going over the Starruca viaduct which isn't too far from my house). 

So to kick things off, here is the first D&H train I purchased. These are a pair (powered & dummy) of Lionel U36c's from around 1981 (the list of authorized service stations show 1980-81). I'm sure Jim (carsntrains) will take me to task again, but these have been packed away for years!!!



So, let's see your D&H trains, model or real.


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Arnold D. Cribari posted:

Here is a Lionel postwar 6420 D.L.&W. lighted work caboose:

65362A03-B4B5-4FEC-BECA-A2B1BD3C9EDBDoes the D.L.&W. stand for Delaware, Lackawanna and Western, or Delaware and Western?

I often run it with my Delaware & Hudson engines.



According to my copy of The Historical Guide to North American Railroads, DL&W stood for Delaware, Lackawanna, and Western.

Hopefully there is someone on the Forum who is more up on the history aspect of the D&H than me, but, as best as I can tell, while the D&H and the DL&W covered some of the same area, but were not related, even by merger... anyone???

Alco Jim posted:

The Delaware and Hudson went under Starrucca viaduct. The Erie ran on it. The D & H abandoned this line when they purchased the former Lackawanna line from Taylor, PA to Binghamton from Conrail in 1980. 

Thanks Jim. Well, at least I got the D&H PA and the Starrucca Viaduct part right!!!

I have the Lionel D&H PA's -  believe they are numbers 18 and 19. When the weather is a bit nicer, I plan on heading up to see the viaduct... I'll have to bring the engines along and see it I can get a shot with the viaduct.

Apples55 posted:
GVDobler posted:

Just saw an article in Classic Trains about two PAs from Santa Fe RR being painted in blue and silver war bonnet scheme and pulling passengers on the D & H. Striking paint job.

By any chance could you tell me what issue that was in??? From what I could find online, the D&H only had 4 PA's and all were ex-Santa Fe. Love the war bonnet scheme.

Winter 2017

Those are the four (sorry 2 or 4)  I mentioned. The article was actually about putting a smaller HP motor in one to make an excursion date.

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