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I need to paint the sides of my rails this winter so that the track is ready for placement on my modules next summer.

I am using Ross sectional track straights sections and O-72 & O-84 curved sections.

I plan to use Acrylicos Vallejo aqueous-based paints for bristle-brush application.  I plan to order them on-line in order to get specific colors that are unavailable in my LHS.

Have any of you received acrylic aqueous paints after winter shipment ?

Anyone with good experiences ?

Anyone with bad experiences ?

I am wondering if the exposure to cold & sub-freezing temperatures degrade the usability of the acrylic aqueous paints.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.

CB&Q Bill

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Last Sunday 01-29-2023, I ordered model paint & supplies from Micro-Mark.

In order to minimize sub-freezing temperature exposure, I paid extra for UPS Next Day Air shipping.

The order was shipped on Monday 01-30-2023.

The order arrived at 9:50am on Tuesday 01-31-2023.

The paints & other products felt like room temperature.  The paints & other solutions were in unfrozen free-flowing liquid phase.  The cleaner, thinner, & flow improver solutions were clear with no clouding.

I have not yet started using them, but plan to by the end of February.

Based on the physical examination of the products, they appear to have not experienced any significant impact from the winter temperature exposure.

I ordered the following:

   Vallejo Plastic Putty (1 tube)

   MicroLux RR Tie Brown (1 bottle)

   MicroLux Roof Brown (2 bottles)

   Vallejo Airbrush Flow Improver (1 bottle)

   Vallejo Airbrush Thinner (1 bottle)

   Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner (2 bottles)

   MicrMark Mask-It-Easy (1 bottle)

   Artist Brush Stand (made of aluminum)

I don't have an airbrush & have no plans to buy one.

I plan to apply my paints with bristle brushes.

I bought the Airbrush Thinner, Cleaner, & Flow Improver based on the recommendations of Joe Fugate in his pdf document "Model Railroad Hobbyist's Guide to Acrylic Painting" from MRH (Model Railroad Hobbyist).

I plan to mix the MicroLux RR Tie Brown & Roof Brown paints in a 1:2 ratio to paint the sides of the rails of my Ross sectional track.

This mix formula was mentioned by @Milwaukee Road Dave in an OGR post from 2016.  MR Dave used Testor's Model Master acrylic paints, which were the same as the former Polly Scale versions (but are now unavailable at stores).  I have seen & admire MR Dave's modeling skills & RR modules.

MicrMark's MicroLux RR paints are made by Vallejo and are matched to the former Polly Scale / Model Master RR colors.

I will update this thread after I use the paints.

CB&Q Bill   

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Not personally.

But when I worked at the LHS (20+ years, mid-Michigan) we sometimes would receive shipments from distributors that may have been on the road in the worst of our winters.  If bottles of paint and other fluids were in the shipment and showed signs of freezing and/or thawing, those items were returned to the distributor after a phone call and authorization.  We would never want our customers to discover a problem and have to make a return trip, delaying their projects, etc., etc..  Actually, we might have surmised that the condition occurred during shipment from distributor to us, the retailer, but who really knows??  It might have been stock that was received at the distributor during shipment from the manufacturer...or even elsewhere in the whole daisy chain of events before arriving at our shop.

Anyhow, can happen.  No, I have no idea whether the paint/fluid loses its usefulness.

I'm sure others will respond their personal experience.



BTW...Just remembered.  A large shipment of Woodland Scenics products from one of our distributors had several bottles of Scenic Cement that clearly had winter damage.  The bottles were VERY cold and had a combination of solid and liquid contents and a grayish coloring.  Back they went.

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