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@artyoung posted:

I would say DEFINITELY NOT Bob Gale. That stack in the middle, the gap between the two sets of drivers would not have come from him. His engines were well detailed and as accurate as he could build them.

Yes. I wish that I had one in my "museum". Their accuracy was not up to mainline factory models, but they were impressive and appealing in a "Post War Gone Wild" manner.

Topic reminds me of one of our long-past local guys, Jerry Drake.   He and his wife owned the "O Sole Mia Restaurant" in Bay City, MI.  Quite a character.  Huge HO layout in their home upstairs in the restaurant building downtown.  His layout was the stomping grounds for "The Meatball Special", celebrated by the NMRA as a special boxcar release in O and HO.  Jerry was quite the chef of gourmet Italian fare.  His restaurant walls were covered with photos of the rich and famous who made a point to dine there...and/or perform there! the middle years of the last century.

Anyway, cutting to the topic...

Jerry's finest creation...of which he was immensely proud...was an HO articulated...a 2-4-6-8!  Sadly, I never thought to photograph it.  But I 'spect many of the other hobbyists which he befriended in the area probably did.  Come to think of it, I believe a photo of the engine appeared in the NMRA publications back then.

I do remember, however, in attending his funeral that Terry, his loving devoted wife, placed that engine beside him in the coffin.  Whether it now rests in peace with Jerry, I can't say.

Missed, but not forgotten


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