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The transparent plastic window inserts on my MTH Christmas Southern Pacific 60' streamlined passenger cars w/LED lights (30-68040 4-car set, 30-68041 2-car sleeper/diner set, 30-68042 coach, 30-68043 full-length vista dome car) became warped from direct sunlight after I accidentally left my west-facing garage door open for a couple of hours this past fall.  I would like to stress that I always keep all of my trains in my home; however when I was cleaning and moving things about, I temporarily placed the clear plastic totes, which contained the passenger cars, inside of the garage.  Bad timing on my part for the time of year--Phoenix can still be hot in October--where the totes were positioned, and for not making sure that the garage door was closed.

I was directed to Plastruct for acrylic strips and it has already been suggested that I try a blow dryer on low to soften the plastic window inserts so that they possibly might return to their original shape.  I am hoping that someone on this Forum has a solution to this matter.

Janet Mattern (TCA, LCCA, P&P, and GCMR member)

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You may have to cut the strips out of say an 8x11 sheet. Easily done with a straight edge and knife. If you remove the damaged strip. Bring it to a hobby shop and match it up as far as thickness. A little thicker wouldn’t hurt. To glue it in place. You will get different opinions as to what works best as far as glue. I really like a product Micro Mark sells. Not cheap. It’s called PSA. You brush it on the car body and let it dry. It will setup tacky. Looks like white glue going on.  Then when you place the strip in place. Because the glue is already set up. Nothing oozes out around your windows when you press the strip in place.

I repainted a MTH car. Destroyed the window strip removing it. Cleaned off the factory glue. Used some clear plastic and the above mentioned glue.

Clever idea, I'd have never thought about doing this.  I think I'd have to stick the tape to clear plastic so it wouldn't pick up a lot of extra "baggage" that would show up on the sticky side.

Thanks John.....honestly I found that the tape that is exposed to the open window section drys out from the air and doesn’t really pick up extra “baggage”. Besides what’s a few window smudges, it’s weathering.  

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