Any interest in MTH producing a new Premier PRR Decapod with PS3?

After many years of collecting PRR scale locomotives, I  still have not obtained a PRR Decapod.  The PS2 versions are hard to come by, and even still, are not ideal, in my view, due to the tether wire and since it is practically inevitable that a PS3 version is somewhere in our future.

However, I for one would like to see the MTH Premier PRR Decapod produced again by MTH sooner than later with PS3 and wireless drawbar.

Since MTH has said they do listen to market suggestions, I would like to see if others are also interested in buying one.  It would be nice to be able to point to some evidence that there is a market for this model at this time.

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Sunset Decapod compared to the small MTH Russian Decapod. 

Sunset Pennsy Decapod Top shelf.   Weaver M1a/b bottom. 

Note the 4 axle trucks on the long haul tender.  Flanged front and 4th drivers, all other drivers are flange-less.  

Decapod pictured has a ERR/TMCC upgrade.  Weaver M1a has a EOB/TMCC upgrade.  

Update: As I have the Imperial Version 30-1503-1 with the long tender I think I would stay with that tender but would be happy with either after seeing both versions. Just want to make sure they include a front coupler as the have done with other Premier Steam Locomotive so that can be double headed or used as a pusher. I would like to add it would also be great to see MTH make the Mountain M1a in a Premier version of witch I would like to have.


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Well, on one hand, the PS2 version is quite difficult to find, which would tend to show a possible marktet. On the other hand number of responses to this thread isn't exactly a ringing endorsement. 😂 A smaller audience (258 views) than I expected, and even fewer positive replies. I guess we best keep looking for a PS2 version after all. 

J Daddy posted:

Being new to MTH, I was hoping there would be one in the last catalog 

It is true that the current state of the business seems to preclude any new molds for models that have previously not been produced, and MTH's plan does seem to be to reproduce in PS3 models that were previously released by them in PS2. 

MTH is one of the makers who has previously made the I1s decapod and in light of their current process, are most likely to produce it relatively easily again with PS3 at some point.  Whereas Lionel does not seem to have a mold for it.  But this model in particular, like the MTH L1s Mikado, is very difficult to find on the secondary market, unlike other models such as consolidations, M1a/b, etc.  Further, it has been quite a while since the PS2 decapod was released and I  just wonder how much longer a wait it will be for a PS3 version.  It seems to have been forgotten about by MTH or more likely determined not to be a good pick to produce.  I don't know. 

I would have thought that the PRR being popular among modelers, the PRR decapod being so prolific on the PRR, and it being in short supply on the secondary market would make it a good model to produce.  On the other hand, I noticed that the PRR G5 is in the 2016 v2 catalog and is again in the 2018 v1 catalog, so there must be a decent size inventory remaining, which would seem to caution them against producing another PRR locomotive at this time.  Also, if the G5 had sold through, maybe that slot in the 2018 catalog would have been the decapod, who knows.  Side note: I have the PS3 PRR G5 and it is really a terrific small passenger locomotive for shorter commuter type trains.

I would prefer a decapod in PS3 since it does not have the tether like the PS2 version, but at this point I am not holding my breath and if I can find a PS2 version, I will go for it.

I would go in for 2, hopefully a premier freight set & a second engine, 1 long & 1 short tender. I'm sure Mth will eventually do these again, but why not put the whistle steam smoke effect in more steamers, so far only the big boy & the challenger! It's a great feature! 

Anyway....... yes I would be in.

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