I reckon I'm a periodic New Haven fan.  I'll have New Haven weeks on my layout every couple of months and will also pull out a New Haven video and several NH books to kind of add to the mood.

Growing up in PA I had minimal exposure to the New Haven.  My only memories of the railroad are all associated with trips to my aunt and uncle's house in Buzzards Bay, MA.


I had a nice uncle in NYC I visited from time to time. I took the PRR clocker up to Penn station,  while getting off one day I noticed the GG1 that was pulling the train I was on uncoupled from the train and took off....hhmmmm.. I asked one of the RR guys why was the engine taken off and he said, we change motors with the NH. I said when will the other engine come for the train which he replied any minute.

After a few minutes I was rewarded to see a New Haven EP-5 Jet back up and couple to the train. wow how great is this. yet another reason to go see my uncle and catch a ball game.

I know where I have been, I know where I am at, I am hopeful I know where I am going.(The devil and God are talking it over).

I grew up in Maine, but my grandparents were in CT where my Dad grew up. I'd like the New Haven even if orange wasn't my favorite color.

Just added some U-boats to the fleet recently. What I really want are FAs with the correct McGinnis color scheme.



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I enjoy the New Haven.  I'd like to track down a K-Line EP5 someday, but for now this is my only New Haven Motive power.  I have a powered and a dummy set as they did test on portions of the NY&LB.  I wish I could have afforded the Weaver Osgood-Bradley coaches prior to Atlas bumping the price when they got the tooling. 






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I have asked the guys from Lionel about doing a legacy EP-5. I has never been done in legacy. And with Lionel now producing the Hancock air whistle, it could be done right. K-Line made them with TMCC about 10 years ago. The could even do the Penn Central black with they were made into freight motors..I can't be the only one who wants a Jet in legacy!!

I am a fan of the New Haven, but not exclusively. There are way too many New Haven trains in the McGinis paint scheme. My preference is for pre-McGinis livery. On my wish list of locomotives are an EP1, EP2 or EP3 Electric and an I-5 Hudson, but they must be Rail King with PS2 or PS3. I guess I am in for a long long wait for MTH to offer these locomotives.


Bobby Ogage

"I hear that train a coming,

it's Long Island No. 39 rolling

around the bend"



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Bobby Ogage, I totally agree about the pre-Mcginis paint schemes. I think it will be a long long wait before we see any Rail King locos on our wish lists. It's why i built my own Pullman Bradley coaches and a cafe car, and ma giving thought to building and EP3 on a GG1 chassis.


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My grandparents lived in Fairfield, CT.  I was fortunate to spend many summers with them.  They took me to ball games, plays, etc., to New York on the New Haven trains.  The NH became my favorite railroad although I live in CA.  Here are a few photos of a NH pumpkin express on the G&O taken during the club's halloween show.  The NH colors are perfect for halloween trains.  NH Joe



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I grew up in New Jersey and livery from the PRR and CNJ literally ran across the back yards of the houses across the street from ours (along New York and Long Branch RR trackage).  I didn't visit New England until I went to college there.

Even when I was a kid, however, the sight of a Lionel EP-5 in New Haven colors, and the 6464 NH cars would get my juices flowing every time -- and they still do.  Either of the postwar blue and yellow Virginians have the same effect.

Now that I have moved to New England, I research the history of the NH line and collect photos, just as if I had grown up here.  

When my layout is finished, I'll treat myself to a NH EP-5, a few choice cars for the consist, and I'll be in heaven.  Photos to come...

Steven J. Serenska

Putnam Division posted:
Love the layout and the NH pics!



Thanks for your appreciation of the layout. Small as it is, it has been my avocation since retiring three years ago. Now about 80% complete.

Below is a picture of my MTH Premier New Haven ALCO DL-109 #0722, "The Cranberry," which ran on Cape Cod during the early 1950s. During the steam-to-diesel transition years, New Haven prefixed their diesel locomotive numbers with "zero," which signified that the locomotive was "other than steam."




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I attended the 2009 NMRA convention in Hartford, CT  and took a NH station tour.  This is the restored New Haven Station as it looked in 2009.

Photo or painting(?) of the original station that is on display:












Close up of lights:


Train board:


Some trains:





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