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I recently purchased an MTH Premier model of New Haven EP-3 electric locomotive #0360 (20-5631-1E, MSRP $899.95, 2008) with 3-volt PS2 from Trainz, despite the fact that I already have two examples of this type of locomotive (New Haven #0353 in Pullman green with gold stripes and #350 in Hunter green with silver stripes) that I’ve never run. So, this one is the designated runner… These models were made in South Korea and have die-cast bodies. Trainz listed this one as C-7, in excellent condition, but I think it’s probably better than that. It certainly runs well. MTH has not been making models of New Haven equipment lately, so, I’ve been buying good quality used items from Trainz. I doubt the EP-3 model will ever be produced again by MTH.

The EP-3s were built by General Electric and known as “flatbottoms” on the New Haven. They entered service in 1931, ran between New York City and New Haven (72 miles), and were retired by 1961. New Haven’s ten EP-3s were initially numbered from #0351 to #0360. In 1946, #0360 was renumbered to #0350 to put all EP-3s into the 0350-0359 group. The zero prefix was removed from the EP-3s in 1950.

The videos show EP-3 #0360 with two trains of New Haven passenger cars. In the first video, the consist has a Railway Post Office and three 1920s Pullman Green heavyweight cars of the Merchants Limited. In the second video, it is pulling the RPO and three modern stainless steel passenger cars acquired by the New Haven in 1948 and repainted with an orange window band around 1955 during the McGinnis era. Therefore, by the time the former EP-3 #0360 could have hauled the McGinnis scheme passenger cars, it had been renumbered to #350.



Mel  was this engine part of "East Wind" set.  Did you get the yellow passenger cars that went with it? Would love to see

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So, I am a neophyte in passenger coaches, unless you're talking about the current fleet of LIRR/MNRR M1/3/7 we use daily :-)

Let's say that I wanted to haul these coaches with something other than a NH engine.  Would they be "close enough" if I used NYC or D&H power to move them?  Gotta figure they're too old for the Amtrak engine I somehow found living in my roster - I'll need something more 1970's for that consist.  I'm thinking more along first generation diesel timespan...


The New Haven's streamlined cars roamed far and wide - they were regular visitors on the Pennsylvania to Washington DC, and I believe Pittsburgh. They were also used on through service to Montreal and Maine, and could be found on the Boston & Maine, Maine Central, Central Vermont, and Canadian National. There was also "Inland Route" service from New York to Boston via Springfield in conjunction with the New York Central, so they could also be found on the ex-Boston & Albany behind NYC power east of Springfield.

Outside of regular assigned service, there are accounts of coaches making it as far as Florida during the winter travel season. The Delaware & Hudson also leased several Diners or Grill Cars (I don't recall which) shortly after the PAs arrived. During the Penn Central era, they became mixed into the rest of the Penn Central fleet. The coaches were also hauled by Delaware & Hudson PAs out of Boston when the MBTA leased the PAs in 1976 or 77, however most of the coaches by that time were in a mix of Penn Central or MBTA paint.

Hope that helps!


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