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The convention was nice. It did thunderstorm during the first day of the trading hall open on Friday with the doors blown open and some water pushing in and we were on the 5th floor. I was running my mini squares with the aliens and zombies taking over the town. Everything ran flawlessly.

The trading hall was a bit light and even so there were some deals to be had. I bought a sealed Lionel Badlands Express set for $50 knowing it was a DC only set. I worked on that engine yesterday and put a ElectricRR mini commander in the engine so now it runs under AC and under command when I want it to. It was not an easy job since while it seems there is plenty of room with all of the wasted space but reusing old tooling stuff a lot of space was wasted. I did manage to get it done though. There were a couple of auctions and I found a few things there.

The welcome party was amazing and then we rode the giant ferries wheel there. The layout tours were nice. Since my wife is just back to work from dealing with her second bout of breast cancer for the past year we did not do any of the tours but I heard they went well. 

The dinner was wonderful and we had a great time. I picked up a UP Legacy S2 switcher for a decent amount at the auction so I was happy. Here are a couple of pictures...IMG_1481IMG_1477IMG_1463AD3D0E34-FA23-43B6-AC09-EA38B5EDD0822CD96BC5-8E2E-4136-A077-C9EDC9B12979


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