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Are there any FM, Baldwin, or other mfg. Diesel locomotives that Sunset Models should consider making in O Scale BESIDES EMD & ALCo [threads already exist for those]

Im thinking of a Baldwin S12 switcher.

GE B23-7, C36-7, C39-8

Or a GE B-B "U boat" such as a U33/U36.

What are your thoughts?

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"FM H20-44 in original Raymond Loewy design.  As far as I know, no one has made a H20-44 in O in any style, but prefer the original design.  While only 96 were made, the PRR, NYC, and UP had them."

P&WV had at least one.    The Carworks made nice brass models of the H20-44 and H16-44 in the 90s I think.    You still see them at shows even new in the box.    I don't know about versions of the H20-44, but they did the H16-44 in 3-4 versions including one for PRR with Antennas and C-liner trucks and square cab windows.    They also did some Alco Switchers, Baldwin Switchers, and I think an RS-1      the models are nicely detailed.   the Baldwin VO-1000 was also done in multiple variations.

All Carworks stuff had single motor Weaver style drives.   

Not sure how many more of these would be wanted.

“Babyface” Baldwin DR-4-4-15




I’d LOVE to have a MP ...... but with just these three roads it would be difficult getting the required numbers.
These roads had both “A”s and “B”s and it Looks Like they ran ABAs  

It Could Could if people are willing to pay a Krauss Maffei or E1-EA “AB” price. Probably more for an Babyface ABA. KM =$1200 (announced 200 total units) and Es = $1600 (unknown run units).  

How many people are game for this in just three roads ??? This will be interesting to see how this plays out !!!  As I’ve said - I’m in !!!!  😜

Cheers !!!

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