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Hey guys,

Working on a different project that came from the MTH auction fairly intact.

It's a PS3 Dreyfuss that was undecorated / unfinished. After fixing up a couple bad wires, it actually works almost perfectly in conventional. This was one of the lucky ones that came fully stocked with all electronics and details.

The only thing bothering me is that the chuff is around 10x per revolution. I don't know if that's something that persists in conventional after being programmed in DCS, but since I have no DCS setup I'm stuck in conventional.

Is there anyone who knows a secret combination of bells and whistles to create a slower chuff rate? FWIW I've already done a successful reset, which was the last thing I need to do before I could fire up and run conventional.

Here a video


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I was afraid of that.

One last thought: what if I created a new tach tape that has stripe spacing that's 10/4 further apart?  Would that adversely affect motor speed?

Otherwise, anyone in Cincinnati area care to meet up and play with trains for a bit?

Yes, that would adversely affect the motor speed.

A conventional reset of the engine won't reset the chuff rate, you need to do a feature reset with a DCS system. I'd be more than happy to help you out if I was closer!

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