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Has anybody got one of these Williams diesels, in either UP or another road name?  It has dual motors and is O-27.
The reason I ask, is that the specs say it is only 9 inches long, coupler to coupler.

That is pretty darned short and I like short locos.    But, I wonder how far apart the rollers are underneath, and whether it would have a problem getting over back to back switches.

And, I wonder how it compares to the RMT S-4 Bang, also with dual motors, which is about the same length, but far cheaper.

Any info is appreciated.



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9 inches end to end is correct.

The pick up rollers are way at the end of the trucks and they are 6" apart.

I have not run mine, so I can't speak to it's performance. But it is much heavier and beefier than any RMT engine I have, but I only have the beefs and bangs. But if it's like my many other Williams engines, it's probably bullet proof.

I think I paid either $149 or $169 from one of our Forum Sponsors, so really no more expensive than an RMT engine.




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Mannyrock - i don't know where you get $200 plus when Trainworld, an OGR Forum sponsor has them listed at $149.99.

If you check around most dealers are asking over $200 for it.  All of the Williams have gone up in price.   Even from the vendor I bought both of mine from several months ago.

Corporate owned media were just spewing about some sort of "toy shortage" before this Christmas today.  We'll see.


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Craftech (John) - I don't give a darn about "most". I was merely offering a suggestion to Mannyrock. When i buy anything over a few dollars, i shop around. In the case of trains my go to places are Charlie Ro, Trainworld, and my local hobby shop (who often can match prices). When i posted $149.99 it was because i checked it about 5 minutes before posting. So, i'm not sure what your point is other than trying to prove me wrong while also taking an opportunity  to knock the media. Have a nice night.         

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