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I recently sought to purchase a NOS AF 6-48147 ASTF PA AA set. But all eight side-frames were loose in the box having fallen off the trucks of both engines.  Assembly problem perhaps, or maybe a casting problem as well.   Lionel does not have replacement parts available for sale.  Has anyone else seen this issue on circa 2009 or later PA sets?  Thanks for any info.

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I have the 6-47995 PA/PA Legacy set from the 2017 catalog. There have been no problems with the truck side frames but I suspect they may be a different design than on the 2009 conventional set. Here is a picture of the underside of a power truck for comparison. Each side frame is held on by two screws on either side of the center wheels.



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@romiller49 posted:

Can you be more specific. Did they fall off as in break off or did the screws just come out.

Rod, I posted a reply earlier today but I don't see it here, so apologies if this is a duplicate.  I did not actually see the defect.  As soon as the seller discovered the loose side-frames (all of them) he wisely chose to take it off sale.  He is considering an epoxy repair. As described it is the 6-48147 ATSF blue freight AA set from 2009 NOS.  The side-frames had separated from the geared trucks, not just loose screws.  Tom's photo above of a Legacy PA shows the modern Legacy PA truck with a screw mounted very thin side-frame. I do not know how much this design is similar to the new trucks from 2009 and 2010 PA sets like the Santa Fe or Rio Grande. The Gilbert side-frames were thick and connected to their frames by a peened and spread "button" of cast material from the side-frame.  I am asking for input from someone with one of the these 2009 or 2010 sets to weigh in on their design and/or possible defects.  It is super odd to have all the side-frames loose in a new old stock, un-run set.  Parts are not available from Lionel.  Sorry I do not have the photos we would all like to have.

If they are the original Gilbert design, sheet metal frame with cast side frames, I have seen modern era side frames fall off due to zinc pest. Not sure what design the set in question has. The set I encountered for repair was Lionel LLC production which isn’t the first time I’ve seen modern AF equipment with zinc pest problems. Its actually quite common from what I’ve seen

I had seen  this post earlier but it got lost among other things, sometimes to munch happening. I own seven of the LLC sets with the PAs, all Double A-units and all with B-units, I checked all of them today, all side frames are tight. The sets that I have are all from before the Legacy PA sets, they range from the Southern Pacific set through the Santa Fe set.


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