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Any other year I would be there.  I have read all the documentation on the Virus prevention precautions they are taking.  While I think they plan to do a fine job, I have decided not to attend.  I'm only 64, but my wife has some health concerns and I am taking groceries, etc to her elderly mum.  I don't want to take a chance and give it to one of them.  Besides, since we are still streaming church on TV instead of going in person, I just don't feel right about going to the show where there will be more people.

When is the show? Allegheny County just initiated a new limitation on indoor gatherings over 25 people. It runs through July 24th. I wouldn't even consider going. But I'm not big on train shows in general. So I probably would not have gone even without the virus issue.



Don, It is July 25th-26th.  So if they do not extend beyond the 24th it would bo on I guess.

From the Greenberg show email. 

While the county for Monroeville did reduce the number of people permitted for a gathering, this does not apply to us. We have been classified as a retail outlet. We will be capacity controlled but we are comfortable with the steps we have taken we can accommodate the same or more people than a typical Monroeville summer show

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Probably not.

Google Maps says it's 408 miles away.....then back again.  Not your typical trip to the grocer for a gallon of milk.

And yet,.......any train show (or meet!) is now a temptation.  The withdrawal has been H____!

And the knightly gnus doesn't help, of course.   My mind has been drifting back to days of yore....even to the 'dark ages' when I was in the How Ordinary side of the hobby....hand-laying spike at a time.

And now it seems everyone's into the hobby......they're 'spiking' everywhere!!!!..........

Stay safe.


We usually do the Greenberg show in Edison, NJ running Legacy, TMCC and American Flyer trains on fastrack layout. Been doing the show for many years. An excellent train show 3 times a year there. We look forward to the show each time.

Doug and I have decided to NOT do the show in August even if the virus has slowed in its track in New Jersey. It is NO fun standing or sitting around running trains wearing a mask for 6 hours each day when it is opened to the public and that does not count the time before setting up and taking down afterwards.

This is a situation that no one could have imagined happening in our lifetime, it will past eventually.

No thanks. 

Ted, It was the Pittsburgh Independent Hirailers who first posted the Monroeville show on Facebook.  I always hang around their nice modular layout and talk with them a good bit besides wandering around the show.  I have to hand it to all of you who set up at any of these shows.  I would not want to do a show during these times either.  

Whoever did go to the Greenberg show this past weekend, can someone how well attended the show was or was not. I understand it was expanded to 2 buildings.

Kudos to Greenberg shows for making the effort in continuing their train shows in spite of the obvious obstacle everyone is facing.

I would guess that Greenberg in Edison, NJ will take up the entire venue there which is a very large indoor facility.


I haven't been to the Greenberg show in ages.  Probably won't go to this one either but it's not the virus that will keep me away.  I just don't find the show that appealing anymore.  If I needed something I'd go no problem and follow the setup guidelines.  I absolutely refuse to hide in my house in fear. 

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Topic closed....we deleted the last few posts because they strayed too much from the purpose of this thread discussing the virus instead of just simply saying if you were going to this show or not.  You guys can talk about the virus on the thousands of blogs that have been set up on FB and elsewhere.  Don't use up our resources by doing so here!

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