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Have a C&O T1 coming from Trainz and would appreciate any feedback you may have.  Cataloged in Vol 2, 2001, it has the Pittman motor, puffing smoke, and Odyssey. Is this one likely to have the infamous 'Lurch'?  I had forgotten about those but guess I can deal with it.  There was/is an interesting discussion running about differences in TMCC and Legacy and the chronology of the various Legacy electronics. Several folks commented on how study TMCC has proven to be and that many of the different Legacy boards are prone to failure with no replacements.  Personally, I find that I prefer some of the early Railsounds in the steamers from this period. I've not seen one of these T1s in person yet and looking forward to it.

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It’s a tank Sam, …just about everything steam from this era are tanks, …be it Lionel, or MTH, …….if the Oddesy works good, a tiny bit of lurch may or may not bother you,…Only Achilles heel is if the magnet is broken, or has detached from the flywheel. As long as it ain’t broken, it can be re-affixed to the flywheel. Not all Oddesy engines exhibit the lurch, ….I have many that do just fine,…..if the Oddesy craps out, there are remedies to upgrade it,….handsome locomotive, I just traded a buddy from the forum for one, …one of those must have locomotives,…..😉


Thanks for the input Pat, I've heard that 'like a tank' comment from time to time as well. My thinking is to stick with the older steamers for dependability although I really do like the smoke features. I have the 'extended' Pacific in Eire and she's a beauty with the feedwater heater. Great sounds and good smoke. Will eventually upgrade some of my steamers with scale pilots as the diminutive wheels Lionel puts on theirs are very unsightly to me.



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