Anyone have the Legacy Mohawk (6-11411) yet?

It fell off the Lionel shipping list last week or so, and usually around Friday of the following week someone on the forum has the new loco when that happens.  My sons were asking me what I thought of it and I think they are considering giving it to me as a birthday gift. 


I am particularly interested in its length.  I know - it's advertised as 25 1/2 inches -  but given that the Legacy Pacifics were listed at 22" but varied from 21.5 (Southern Crescent) to 23 (Blue Comet) and the Legacy Berkshire was well over an inch shy of its advertised 26.5 inch length, I wanted more info before deciding . . . 



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Thanks jojofry.  25 1/4 would work - I have a spare shelf just 25 1/2 inches long but no where longer to keep it if I have it. 


Steam guy - I have seen them for sale at Charles Ro, etc.,  but not listed as "in stock" anywhere.  I would expect them to show up in stock today or in the next few days at Ro, Klein, and Grysboskis if they really were shipped when they fell of the list.  

Funny you mention it.  I was at our local train store just last night picking up some lighted accessories for my son, and the owner mentioned the Mohawks are due in tomorrow (which is today).  He says the steam effects should be amazing.  I cant wait to see one.

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...  He says the steam effects should be amazing.  I cant wait to see one.


Neither can I... Since aside from a standard smoke unit, I didn't think there were gonna be any steam effects in this batch of locomotives.    Either your dealer is mistaken, or Lionel slipped the feature in at the last-minute... which I highly doubt due to the very short window of when these were catalog'd vs. when they were delivered.  We'll know soon enough though.



The catalog does not list them - just the usual fan-driven smoke unit, so I think there is no chance: only one time I have ever seen Lionel add something not listed in the catalog and that was minor - my conventional Atlantic came with window glass and engineer and fireman figures even those features were only listed for the more expensive Legacy version. 

The owners manual for the 6-11411 is on the Lionel site. It shows no additional steam effects.


Since this engine has been offered twice previously, not counting the ones in sets, it may be a good candidate for future price reductions, depending on how many they produce.

I just cannot understand why Lionel does not offer special steam effects for their latest Legacy offerings (N&W J 4-8-4, NYC Mohawk and SP Daylights).  Lionel is the only manufacturer that offers these special effects in their models; they should take advantage of that fact!  After experiencing previous models that had those special effects, I will not purchase anything new that does not have them.



Originally Posted by Gerry Burns:



Since this engine has been offered twice previously, not counting the ones in sets, it may be a good candidate for future price reductions, depending on how many they produce.


Unless buyers can't control themselves for a few months, I think it's a fairly good bet that all of these locomotives will be discounted down the road.  Folks simply have the $699-$799 price-points of locomotives WITH more features still quite fresh in their minds.  Who's gonna pay $1050-$1150 for locomotives with less features?  



As to Lionel not offering steam effects, etc., I think they are being conservative.  Every manufacturer is having problems with Chinese quality now - why push your luck with a bunch of new, intricate features?  As to price reductions, it depends on how many they produce.  Remember, the black Vision Hudson is hard to find and not discounted, the grey discounted a lot.  If Lionel holds back and makes only a few, they will not be discounted, otherwise . . .

Originally Posted by jojofry:
... I be surprised to see the daylight discounted for 800 bucks.

It won't be discounted if folks buy it at the inflated price-point.  That is, "inflated" compared to the recent blow-out price points of locomotives with more features.


The last run of these locomotives had very good sounds and electronics.  Legacy is great, but the Legacy upgrade in and of itself does not justify the new production's price-points, IMHO.  The only folks who may buy these as soon as the new models hit the streets are those who missed out on the earlier production run -- which ironically was blown out within 6 months or so of its release, as I recall.



Sorry everyone, I must have mistook what he said.  We were talking about so many different steam engines since I'm in the market for something that will blow a lot of smoke, and hopefully have whistle steam.  I know he did say that a few Lionel Mohawks are arriving today, he was talking about some engine that has tons of smoke from the stack, the whistle, and even from the lower belly that's sync'd with the chuffing.  That sounds awesome to me!  If you heard otherwise I'd go with that...I'm just an over excited newbie to this train thing! 

Originally Posted by John Mills:

I would rather have the Legacy speed control without the extra smoke affects and better detail on the engine which is how I hope the Mohawk turns out.   The picture of the engine on the manual on the Lionel website appears encouraging.

Heres my "korean made" TMCC RS 5 version from 2005. As long as Lionel doesn't cut corners on the detail it should be a great model. This loco is far better in the detail dept than any of my legacy steamers.



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Originally Posted by John Mills:

Now if they would do an H10 with that level of detail.



H10 with legacy and steam affects would be a instant buy ..



lee I double checked the Mohawk is 25  1/2  . And the vision line Hudson is 24 1/2 so it's a inch bigger . If that helps .

Originally Posted by John Mills:

Now if they would do an H10 with that level of detail.


I agree.  Sunset 3rd Rail was looking to offer this model, an H10b I believe, howerer, never received sufficient reservations to justify moving forward and putting it into production.  Too bad because I believe 3rd Rail would have produced a beautiful model.  It would be wonderful if Lionel would do it as I too think it would be a good seller. 


With regards to the new Mohawk, I might have been interested in it if Lionel had added some of their "steam effect" features to the model.  I have a couple of their older models and agree with others that they are solid performers!  Bo



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It looks like I'll get both Mohawks since the detail sounds very good.   I'm like Lee; I don't find the  steam effects that great,  but did like the swinging bell.  The speed  control of Legacy is important to me.   I'm not a marketing expert so don't know what people want most.   They may be a loot cheaper to buy in a year or two, but as my Dad said "life is short".

These new Legacy Steamers are awesome. My friend Jerry has the new Green Southern Cresent Ltd. Its simply beautiful. The sounds, the Smoking, the Crew Talk, the running Scenario--WOW. ONE feature not pictured is the waking ramp on the highly detailed tender. Lionel pictured a fine green engine, and delivered a true Gem. I wish I had One.

Mine arrived today and has been unpacked and tested under Legacy control. First, let me say I could care less about the lack of whistle steam. There is no way that would stop me from buying this loco. This is a stunning locomotive with plenty of detail, as much detail as any Legacy steamer. The chuffing sounds and whistle are fantastic. There is just nothing else out there that compares to Legacy Railsounds to my ear. The spacing between the loco and tender jumped out at me too, I don't know how the TMCC version looked but this one seems really good. I wish I could post a vidoe but have no time now.

I picked my loco up today from Charlie.  I hope to get it on the rails in a day or so. 







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I'm going to pass, and it hurts to say it.  It is not only a beautiful loco but the type O like, lots of "stuff" - pipes, valves, feedwater heaters, etc., hanging off of it, giving it a very industrial look.  I really want one.  But I have two locos coming next month if Lionel's shipping schedule is to be believed, and a real backlog on my layout's projects. 


It is just a beautiful loco though.  I hope someone does post a video, with sound please.  Go ahead and make the heart ache worse!

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