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Scott, I guess you missed this one right here:

What surprises me is that there is no mention of this recently arrived loco on the Bachmann website. On the top of the home page, there's a banner with changing images of new products. You'd think they'd have the 70 ton switcher on there.

People have wondered for a long time, what is happening with Williams by Bachmann? It appears Jack Lynch is no longer with the company. Many have speculated lack of corporate interest, but Bachmann is continually offering new products in other scales, so that can't be the issue. So then one might summarize it is a lack of sales. Though the list price of this engine is right on par with many of their competitors products that offer digital control.

Whatever the issue, this newly arrived engine has sort of fallen under the radar.

FWIW, I spoke to the rep at the WGH Hampton show and mentioned the issue of pulling the lead car off the rails. Funny thing was, he actually has on the design team for introducing the switcher.  He wasn't aware there was a problem, and I explained it the best that I could, not having one.  It was a good conversation and he seemed genuinely interested.  I gotta say, they had some nice shiny new stuff in the other gauges though....

Hey, take a look at this. I'm referring to the line "This loco has been DISCONTINUED." That's a surprise.


I hope that's a mistake... That doesn't do much to instill confidence that you will be able to order any needed parts in the future.

No other loco I looked at states that. Even the Chuggington locos , which were just one shot deals that they only made a production run of 500, and sounded like they'd be discontinued from the get go after the initial run.


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Received my 70 Ton just today. I purchased the Rutland however my goal is to convert this to look like either #16 or #17 from the former, but still very popular short line here in Northern New Jersey, The Rahway Valley Railroad.  I have an RVRR #17 in  Sunset brass (pictured)  which had been custom painted by its former owner when I bought it many years ago. The paint job and lettering were done very well over the original brass. Problem is this engine runs only DC and needs all new belts.  So I need to find someone who can makeover this Rutland to look just like the this RVRR brass engine.  I am just glad someone finally decided to make a 70 tonner.  As far as I know, this is the first one ever make in AC 3 rail.  I am curious as to how many of these are being produced. If I recall this was announced a couple of years ago and has only just now been in stock and still is on backorder in a number of train stores I checked.



Images (3)
  • IMG_0092: RVRR Sunset Brass Engine
  • IMG_0091: RVRR Sunset Brass Engine
  • IMG_0088: The New Williams 70 Ton Rutland

Not as a business, or other, still working on more for myself.

Here's what you do.

Using a straight chisel knife, carefully cut off the grill rivet details and headlights.  Using model putty, fill the grill and headlight areas and sand using 600 (or finer) grit WET sandpaper.  This will take multiple efforts to get smooth.

Using evergreen tubing, new headlight housings must be made.  Note the all the early housings were NOT the same size.  Drill and cut for new housings - CAREFULLY.  Will probably need some putty touchup work afterwards.

Detail as desired.  Be familiar with what you are wanting to model as details and accessories varied greatly.

Note I start with the CN version as there is less lettering to feather off for a paint basis.

Also note the if you add ERR TMCC control, change the sound to ERR sound (must do to work properly), add electrocouplers, and change the headlights. by the time you add in a core you will have well over the amount of a Lionel or MTH Medium to large sized diesel.  Then you have painting costs as well.

Was hoping MTH would do one with DCS, but that aint gonna happen now.  But if you want a 3 rail 70 tonner this is the only game in town.

That's it in a nutshell, all I can say is Jump in and swim, that's what I did.  I've done probably 2 dozen for myself (not all with the electrical upgrades).

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