Opinions or experience on this unit? American Flyer 6-48055 Bethlehem Steel 0-6-0 Dockside swither?

Any good?  Reliabilty?  Can they pull anything around?  If i keep it, I would intend it to be used for small yard switcher duty.

Is there any room inside to add DCC/sound?


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Take a look at tuveson.com. Click on TMCC for S in the left hand column. Scroll down and you will see Carl's conversion of the Lionel AF Docksider to TMCC plus sound. If TMCC fits then so will DCC. Carl is a true artist and magician to develop these conversions.

Wow - it is pretty cool that he documented all of that stuff he has done.  I also checked out the Electricrr site and they have some cool products as well.

Thx again Tom!

Carl provides those mods as a service. He has done 8 engines for me. The modified engines are what Lionel should have made. 

Hello everyone I am Ricky I am new to this I just ordered a couple of these docksiders you can't beat the price I plan on adding sound electric railroad kit it is a tiny board with speaker if it doesn't fit in the engine I am going to put it into the coal car which I will add from a old American flyer set another thing you could do for a sound American flyer Lionel railsounds boxcar steam wow I have two of them do they sound good you must be careful when you buy a docksider some of them have smoke and choo choo sound other units especially the ones that come with the sets do not smoke oh my goodness I must have smoke show me the engine just don't look right without the smoke I hope this help you thank you

I always liked the Gilbert Docksider although it was never a good locomotive.  Similar issue with the Baldwin.  But Lionel has reworked both into legit performers for the lower end of the market.  

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