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I love these boxcars and would love a model of one for my layout. However, it needs to be "scale" sized. I have an MTH 40' model, but the prototypes were actually 50' long so my MTH model is too short. Did anyone ever make a scale sized, 50' long, "I love NY" boxcar?


More info on these boxcars on my blog:

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The blue and white DHNY livery was designed at the Art Department of the State University of New York campus at Oneonta NY. The DHNY cars were rebuilds of used equipment at the D&H Oneonta Car Shop done in partnership with NY State. I saw these cars when they first came out of the shop, as I lived nearby at the time.  The DHNY car I have is a scale 2 rail issue by Atlas for the  9/11 fund raising  effort. This model was not cataloged and was available by special order when it was first announced.

135 S

S. Islander   


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  • 135 S: Atlas 2 rial scale specdial not catalogned issue of DHNY

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