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Does anyone here model the New Zealand main line 42" gage in 1/4" scale (ie O scale) by using S track and S diesels?  Much NZ traffic is single height container on flats; some oil or coal unit trains, I think.  The loading gage is smaller, so that S-scale stock would represent the smaller NZ prototypes fairly well.  The car ferry between the two main islands is the obvious link to standard gage operations (as once at Porte-aux-Basques, Newfoundland).

Opinions?  Is our NZ friend who posted here in past around?  Or did the Lahar get him?

I know that what few examples of NZ layouts in that country there are, typically the English 00 (is that right, or for HO-similar?) or 7mm to the foot scale is used in the range of O gage operations, for the same reason it's used in England-- their prototype rolling stock is smaller than ours.  And 7mm stuff is available in the Commonwealth, of course.  But here in the US, S-scale as a basis is more widely available.

Anyone done any NZ modelling along these lines?

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I have no idea Frank, but I doubt it is popular. Simply based on the fact that S scale is not widely modeled in this part of the world. O gauge in NZ exists, 3 rail tinplate has a following, Darstaed, Bassett Loake, Hornby etc are popular, and I'm sure there are folk with modern MTH and Lionel as there is in Australia.

Hi Frank


There is a small but growing band in New Zealand who are producing some very nice cast whitemetal 4-wheel freight wagon chassis (We followed British practise for many years, very few bogie vehicles until the 1960's, can still find 4-wheelers around today) and scratchbuilding lots of other stuff in O-scale, to run on 7/8ths-inch gauge track.  Some etched brass wagon bodies are in the works, and we (yes, me included) are looking into rapid-prototyping some steam locos - Slaters of the UK can supply their 7mm scale steam loco drivers with short axles so the wheels are actually the easy bit!  The size of a typical NZGR loco in this scale makes one-piece RP resin bodies quite feasible.


I can put you in touch with them if you like.



Paul Woods

Whangarei, New Zealand


OGR Publishing, Inc., 1310 Eastside Centre Ct, Suite 6, Mountain Home, AR 72653
800-980-OGRR (6477)

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