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Has anyone else not received their OGR run 322? I have not received mine, but that could possibly be due to a move in Dec. However, I have both emailed, and called the OGR office, (left a voicemail), and have received no reply. Maybe the office is closed for Covid, or snow? Thought maybe by posting here, I could get some response.


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Mine arrived today (2/9/2022), along with 5 other magazines. This was the second delivery of the day- very unusual. Recently, we have gone as long as 7 days without seeing a delivery. The US Mail is really FUBAR (Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition)! I'm just glad I have no mail order prescriptions. Lord knows when they would arrive.



I received my copy of OGR about a week ago.  We did have mail delays the beginning of last week because of snow and ice.

However, I do have one monthly Bible study that was 3 weeks late.  I received it yesterday when I should have received it around January 15th.  I was afraid, my renewal with them had run into a hitch.  However, That publisher told me the company they use to actually mail them out had issues.  Between all the breakdowns in all our services, I think it is hard to say why OGR has been late for lots of folks.  I keep reminding myself about the days we used to order something, and the print at the bottom read, 'Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery."  No doubt, I have been spoiled in recent decades. 

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OGR Publishing, Inc., 1310 Eastside Centre Ct, Suite 6, Mountain Home, AR 72653
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