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We found this car in a collection we acquired...

  Water Tank

The only words are "Water Tank" and the number 913 in very small font below the W on both sides.

The frame, trucks, couplers, and body casting all seem to say 'Lionel'.  The lettering has been stamped on...definitely is NOT a decal.  The trucks are bar-end style.  The knuckle couplers are fully operating.  The top of the center hub on the top of the dome is colored red...again looks to be machine-applied color.  The body condition is quite excellent.  The metal frame seems to have some light scratching, which would suggest that maybe the tank and frame/trucks were joined together later in their lives?

We can't find any info that suggests this was a factory-made item.  But did the tank body, as decorated, come from a specialty set, later applied to a different chassis?  Or is this more likely a one-off creation of a clever soul?

Any help appreciated.



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