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It's a trademark, not a copyright. Still doesn't seem like one that is actively enforced from what I seen. Wonder if anyone has actually been prosecuted for it.

I did notice this on Legacy stations website


JPatton Security Seal

Legacy Station Limited

This is an Officially Licensed Reseller for the U.S. Air Force"

May want to update that to Space Force

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Interestingly, the Air Force's application to register "SPACE FORCE" is currently suspended by the Trademark Office, because there were several other earlier-filed applications trying to register the same name.

Also an interesting question whether military name can be trademarked, since to obtain a trademark you must be using the mark "in commerce" within the meaning of the Lanham Act. One might have thought the business of the military was defense, not commerce.

Here the Air Force attempted to register the mark in connection with various promotional-type merchandise, as well as the service of "providing courses of instruction at the college level in the fields of the United States Space Force".

(Military seals are a different matter, since they are protected by a special statute.)

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