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Im planning on upgrading my K Line B6 switcher from TMCC to DCS. Has anyone converted one of these to Proto 2 or 3? Were there any issues to overcome? How did the switch go?

Im still debating doing it myself with an upgrade kit or sending it out to be professionally installed.


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A PS3 kit should fit. The tender has the 3 board modular Railsounds in there now with a flat speaker. The speaker that comes with the new kits is about the same size. Shouldn't be that difficult. Mods would include fitting the ten pin tether connector in the engine along with a smoke unit. It has the motor in the front so you may have to find a smaller smoke unit to fit forward of the motor.

FWIW MTH has done a very nice USRA 0-6-0 in PS2 and PS3 that can be had for less than having someone else upgrade this engine.


I found some 4 ohm 3W flat speakers that work well with PS/3 upgrades, they are available.  However, I have to agree with Pete on his point, if you're paying someone to do the upgrade, it's likely to be more expensive than just buying one.  That's especially true if you also go for a smoke upgrade to a fan driven unit.

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