I just got finished repairing a pair of diecast heavyweight trucks on a car I just bought that looks like it is new. Luckily the pest wasn't too bad and for now they are okay. I am sure I will revisit this issue again with this car. I have dealt with this on other locomotives and rolling stock in the past. It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't cost so much to replace them and if they were readily available. I just don't get why any company would use a material that when impure will lead to failure. I don't know why there is reluctance by most manufacturers to offer plastic trucks, especially on higher end stuff. The plastic trucks on all of my Locomotives and rolling stock in N, HO and O have held up very well and I have never had an issue with them. Does anyone else want plastic trucks?

Michael DeSandro

Troy, AL

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Athearn and/or Weaver plastic trucks with Intermountain metal wheels for me. Note that I am referring to two-rail here, whatever three-rail cars that I have keep the manufacturer-supplied trucks.

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