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I agree with Gary and others that I think it is too late for whoever markets DCS to keep producing the traditional TIU and remote technology.  It costs companies money to keep producing older technology.  However, I will answer John's initial question; I would purchase one TIU and remote if offered.  I had been thinking of purchasing a spare TIU for my 11x11 layout room, but didn't do it before they were discontinued.  I did get a spare remote in this last batch that were produced.  I tried the WIU when it first came out, but didn't like using the phone touch screen.  After a couple years, I sold the WIU to a Forum member.

All that said, I certainly wouldn't have an issue plugging the remote into a WTIU in such a small room as I have.  That may be the route I take as long as I have remotes.  Push come to shove if I outlive my remotes, then I'll go back to a touch screen on a phone or tablet. 

One of each as a spare .

I have a lot of MTH One Gauge (no O gauge DCS ) and for me my Ipad and Iphone are very hard to see outside in the sunlight sometimes and that's why I prefer the remote. I currently have two TIU and two Remotes.  It's just a PP.

The whole thing is  still so disappointing MTH !!


I don't know that I am into buy spares, but I am very disappointed in this development.   One of the best things about dcs has been that it has always been backwards compatible.   Moving to a combined interface unit always seemed like a logical step.   I simply have a hard time understanding why the new unit wasn't made to be able to communicate with the existing remotes.  Perhaps we will say a change, or a plug in module that will allow for use of the original remotes via the dcs plug, as mentioned above.   Software updates though would stall, so the remotes would still be on borrowed time.

I think the way forward is the box that plugs into the remote cord connection and communicates using the 900mhz band with the remote.  That would seem like a development that is quite possible.  If the existing DCS Remote works well with the port on the "new" TIU, I can't see why this isn't the way to keep using the existing remotes.

Seems very doable.  Part of me wonders if the ability to plug in a 900 MHz transceiver somewhere in the signal path might already exist.  I thought I read somewhere there is little difference to the signal that the remote sends to that of whats on the center rail, just modulated differently.

Back in the 70's we ran a club layout with a control system one of the members designed.  One of the features of this was phone plugs located around the layout where we would plug in remote controllers.  Sounds like this is now an option for the WTIU.  I would be ok with this based on my experience with that 70's HO layout.


Last year I bought a new second remote and several cradle/wheel assembles.  Last week I bought a second TIU new from The Railyard in Ronaoke VA . I also have the stand alone WiFi but prefer the remotes but have used the app on both my phone and iPad. My granddaughter has the app on her iPad and loves it. So yes I would by another TIU and remote just to have them. I must say my current TIU and remote I bought shortly after MTH introduced the system and have had no issues during that 15 or so years I have been using the first 10 or so was with 2 PW ZW’s.  

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