Over the years I have accumulated lots of old electronics.  Most of what I have here are power supplies.  The cables are mostly telephone and data lines with a few miscellaneous things thrown in.

From a train layout perspective, is there anything useful here and worth saving?  If not, it will all be thrown out. ThanksIMG_9252IMG_9251 [1)



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Lot of wire that you can use for accessories. Wall warts can be used to power accessories. USB cables can be probably heaved.

If you choose to throw out, please do not put the items in the garbage. I'm sure your town has a "give and take"  or you can give them to a thrift store.

When in doubt, throw it out !   Seriously though, the wire can be recycled, but there's not enough in your stash to make a trip to the scrapyard worth the trouble.  The highest price you would get would be if you stripped the insulation off, but with such small gauge wire, that would be like sticking needles in your eyes.....LOL  

Due to it's relative flexibility, that type of wire is good for flexible connections, like animations and such.  So like NAD has said, save the wire and get rid of the wall warts.  Maybe your township can help with where to recycle them.    

There must be billions of tons of old electronic apparatus in landfills.  It's a pity that it has to be that way.  Think of all that copper !   

What looks like an 1/8" to 1/8" jumper in the bottom right of the first pic could be useful if it's both 1/8"  and also stereo (3 conductors), you need one of those to update DCS TIUs.

They can be had new for only a few bucks though, it's not particularly valuable unless you have a need for that specific task.


Throw it in a box and price it to ship to 86351. I'll take it off your hands!


We are never too old to learn something stupid....

if there's a sure way to determine if those wall-warts are regulated, I'd consider holding on to ones that are regulated.  Most are not.  I've ruined some Miller signs by not being careful until I learned from Chris to use only regulated ones.

- walt

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Lad Nagurney posted:

 I'm sure your town has a "give and take"  or you can give them to a thrift store.

Yes, Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity "ReStore" are good places to both donate these items, and source them if you have a specific need. On my way to ReStore now with donations.


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