are mth's realtrax 0-72 remote switches trouble free ?

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Are MTH's realtrax 0-72 remote switches trouble free ?  If not whats need to be fix to ensure trouble free operation where scale size large steam engines go through ?  I am using the sunset 3rd brass S.F. 5011 2-10-4 to operate and have not purchase any switches yet but have a lot of realtrax.


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I only have experience with the 0-31 switches, but have found them to be certainly as reliable as any other switch i.e. useful, but not bulletproof and generally quirky. If you search "realtrax switch" you will see that this is the consensus. Here are a few links:


I have 26 Real Trax switches on my layout. 3 of them are 072. They have been in place for over two years and I run my layout pretty much daily. 


I have not had any problems at all with the 072 switches. Be sure to install them properly and you will not have a problem. I run all types of rolling stock through them and diesel and steam. Backing up long consists through the 072 is not a problem. 


Out of 6 that are about 6 years old, two throw slowly and dim the lights (tried different controllers and wires, no solution) but still work, and one works with the motor on one side only. Usual magnet falling out problem and needing reglueing, like many Realtrax.....other than that, ok. Due to the radius, they do not derail the trains as badly as the O31's do, and they still have a dead spot for some locos.


My experience. But, mine do go up and down for the yearly Christmas layout, that could explain some problems. Taking it down next week.



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