Are New LC+ Diesels Still Coming With Brass Tubing Axles?

Maybe Dave at Lionel can answer this question. Are the new LC+ diesels still coming equipped with brass tubing axles? I seem to recall reading that the newer LC+ locos were going to use steel axles, but I don’t know if that included new production runs/paint jobs of previous releases, or only new releases that have never been in production previously. Specifically I’m interested in the FEC GP38...

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Dave would know.







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Thanks guys, but since Dave’s Post was just in February, and so these models may have already been in production prior to the switch to metal gears and steel axles. Because of this possibility, I would like official confirmation on this particular item, just to be sure. I guess Dave may not have seen this post, so far.

Bill in FtL

Bill Nielsen posted:

Thanks Marty, but I don’t know how to do that...

Just use the @ symbol and the user's forum name and it send them an alert.  Typically as you type it drops down with the user's name.  @Bill Nielsen

Ironically it was Dave that showed me how to do it and I suspect he's regretted it ever since.  LOL!

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