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In one of those cases where I think I surprised even myself, I ordered the Lionel Lion Chief Area 51 Set from one of the recent catalogs. Not my usual, but seems like a fun set and I may end up doing a small SciFi/space layout. It also comes with the brand new lighted (green lights)  FasTrack so that was a draw.

Anyway, the set isn't due in until December but today I got a surprise when one of the set add on cars arrived from our friends at Train World. It's the Alien Radioactive Flat Car. It's modeled after the old Radioactive Waste Car and is identical except for the green color and other Area 51 badging. Here's a pic.


I should note that the lights in the containers are green flashers. My pic caught it in mid-flash, or maybe a function of bad camera work.


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My Alien Radioactive Flat Car also arrived this week. Looks like a two color flash, amber then green. I also have the original Area 51 version and I like the LED’s in this car better. I’m also waiting for the set to arrive.

Has anyone else received the Area 51 Souvenir Stand? It runs one cycle and when the man inside reaches the front counter, it freezes. The motor continues to run, but no movement. If I gently rotate the ‘customer’, it completes another cycle then freezes again. Any suggestions besides sending it in for repair?

@Action Jaxon

Chris - I finally did by removing the metal base, and repositioning the ‘customer’. Once operation was verified, I re-assembled the accessory. Appears to work properly now.

You may already know this, but moving the switch to ‘ON/MOM’ on the Remote Control Box only powers up the lights. Press and hold the button down to activate the motor. I’m using the optional 8” 3-pin female pigtail (6-82038) for power.

If I use the 8” 3-pin female pigtail (6-82038) without the Remote Control Box, the white wire powers the motor along with the red/black wires for the lights.

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