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I have a small spot on the layout I'd like to squeeze in a small "characterization of" an Army base.  I have roughly 2ft x 2ft area with track though the middle. Might be able to stretch to 3x3.   I have the Lionel Army Quonset Hut on order (lived in one during my army years overseas).  So that part is a given.  I'm thinking a few plastic army men, some fake barb wire, etc... something like that.  IF YOU have an army base on your layout -- please post some pics to give me ideas!   Can't wait to see!

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Bevel's Hardware layout, Blackstone, taken (by me) in December 2016....


Layout is long gone.......due to a disabling illness in the owner. Very sad, a Central and Southside Virginia Holiday tradition for many years.....

If you search Bevel Hardware, two old threads come up, one fron 2011 and the other from 2012.



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Ross, I think yours is kinda like what I was thinking.  I have the Lionel Army quonset hut coming, and I have a. few vehicles already.  Seems like you have a mini hospital/medic area coupled with a motor pool and an air unit.   I probably don't have much more room than you.  I really like your Q-hut, is it a kit or did you invent?  It seems to appear it would take up a smaller footprint than the Lionel one I have coming, and that is important to me due to my limited space issue.   The hardware store layout is cool, just way too much for me.  I bet it was a sight to see in the day.  Thanks guys, anyone else have pics of their army base area they can share?

Since I served 20 years in the Air Force including 4 with the organization that engineered and procured intercontinental ballistic missiles, I had a "missile railcar base" on my last layout.  The base's yard had three stub tracks which held quite a few missile cars, tank cars and even a USAF caboose.


I used some black ballast to create a paved path between the stub tracks for the patrolling sentries.

Between the tracks in the missile railyard

The Lionel flagpole with the LED lights and the MTH water tower with the military insignia are perfect for any military base scene.  It only takes about ten minutes to use PowerPoint to make a "flag" for your military service.  A little white glue on the flagpole lanyard and you're showing your service's flag with the National colors!

Missile Base Flagpole

The "flag stop shanty" of the Ameritowne series from OGR makes a great "gate shack" for your base's front gate.  Don't forget to add the anti-terrorist barriers for a modern look!  (In the future I would metal jacks instead of plastic ones if I can ever find some!  So far, I haven't found any in stores or even thrift shops.)  Our Dalmatian, Mick (RIP), is memorialized by his "enlistment" as the military working in the back of the Security Police pick-up truck.


Don't forget communications!  Any military unit needs its communications capability--which can be provided perfectly with the Lionel microwave tower.  I located mine right next to the gate shack to make the most of the available "real estate".  The Marx 4-bulb light tower provides lots of light for "nighttime operations" which occur on every military base.


I hope this info is helpful.


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  • Between the tracks in the missile railyard
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I was in the National Guard at a Nike base on Long Island, Battery B, 244th Air Defense Artillery (ADA).  A recreation would be easy with just a few basic buildings, a vehicle maintenance garage, a HQ Building and Radar installations on a hill (Acquisition Radar in a large dome, smaller domes for two others (Target Tracking and Missile Tracking).  Off site, at a lower site location would be the missiles, a security perimeter around the missiles (guards and dogs), a barracks, gate guards and a wider security fence.  Motto was "shoot em all down, sort them out later".  Any of the above little features would enhance any O Gauge attempt to employ missiles on a train table.  My Army post has been taken down, it featured Solido military trucks, tanks etc, circa 1946-1955, a barracks and HQ bldg.  We'll have another one in the months ahead.  Happy Railroading to all!

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