Hey guys...  I made a chart for a friend of mine and thought that others could benefit from it.  So decided to post it here...

I did some research to see if all the components of the Bush Funeral Train could be assembled using the previous and newly cataloged Lionel cars and engines...


I got excited when Lionel cataloged the actual cab numbered Flag Units to go with the Funeral Train...  i wanted to see if the entire train could be assembled....  so here is a list of the Bush FT and what catalog and sets the engines and cars can be from.

You need one car from the original UP excursion 4 car set:  City of San Fransisco, and the rest can come from this new catalog!  Get the Bush FT set, and the UP Excursion 2pack #3 and 2 pack #4...

The two engines are also in this new catalog:  UP 4141 (in the set), and UP 9096...

I looked up the consist posted on the UP website, and watched video to confirm.  This is the 11 car train for the final ride to College Station Texas.

Now we gotta get the Portola Sleeper car and the cool looking power car to complete the train!  Oh Lionel!



The UP excursion fleet is larger than the 45 cars they call out on the UP website.  It seems they just added the 'experience the UP' baggage car...  hopefully this collection can continue to grow.  I get almost everything UP, and certainly would want more cars...  i need to lashup the new excursion big boy with my 844 to pull it all!!!!

I love this hobby!






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Thanks for posting the data. I have the excursion set and plan to buy the 2-pack that was in the last catalog (bought the set to go with all of those Heritage units and the UP Steam). I wish the flag baggage car had opening doors as it could be set up as it ran in the actual train.

Matt...  agreed....  looks like the Council Bluffs baggage in the FT set has open doors with glass windows like it ran in the actual FT.  there is a casket and guard.  Looks cool...

I might have bought the set if it included the 2066 power car even though I already have a 4141. As it is the only car I want from that set is the Kenefick business car. Instead I will just get 2 Lone Star sets and reletter one. Both were used on the Funeral train.


Hi Pete...  yea i think the 2066 looks cool...  

Ya know, maybe try and see if a dealer will break up a Bush FT set...  then get your buisness car that way...  

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Like this?20190708_15343920190708_153431

Then im making a list of UPs 45 excursion fleet from this...


Maybe hard to read but it was on UP website...  the 'experience the UP' baggage car is not in the UP website, so maybe new...


Maybe some of this will be helpful to forum...


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Here is a quick spreadsheet of the UP Historical Cars Still In Use (Newest car not included):

TypeCar Name
BaggageCouncil Bluffs
BusinessFeather River
BusinessLone Star
BusinessNorth Platte
BusinessSt. Louis
Club LoungeSun Valley
CoachCity of Salina
CoachKaty Flyer
CoachPortland Rose
CoachSunshine Special
CoachTexas Eagle
ConcessionReed Jackson
Deluxe SleeperGreen River
Deluxe SleeperLake Bluff
Deluxe SleeperLake Forest
Deluxe SleeperLittle Rock
Deluxe SleeperOmaha
Deluxe SleeperPacific Limited
Deluxe SleeperPortola
Deluxe SleeperPowder River
Deluxe SleeperWyoming
DinerCity of Denver
DinerCity of Los Angeles
Dome CoachChallenger
Dome CoachColumbine
Dome DinerCity of Portland
Dome DinerColorado Eagle
Dome DinerMissouri River Eagle
Dome LoungeCity of San Francisco
Dome LoungeHarriman
Dome LoungeWalter Dean
Crew Car/Crew SleeperWillie James
Crew Car/Crew SleeperColumbia River
InspectionFox River
Tool CarArt Lockman

And if anyone is interested, here is the list of the 2nd train.

Bush Family Funeral Train
Columbia River
Powder River
Lake Bluff
Lake Forrest
Green River
City Of Los Angeles
Little Rock
Feather River

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