I have a 263e blue comer engine that I purchased unassembled due to the chassis being replaced. Previous owner never finished project so I am wondering if there are some type of detailed instructions or explodes views of the motor that will guide me to assembling this





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That is the part number for the motor assembly for the 263E locomotive so you should be good to go. However these type of motors are usually pretty bulletproof and so I would hesitate to replace the whole unit without first doing a simple service on the existing bar any physical damage.


no physical damage. Just a little confused as to how all these parts go together. If you look at the pic I posted above you will see what I’m saying. And the motor I found is complete with wheels and all. Only difference I can see side by side is the switch on the e unit is facing the rear of the train not the front like the original. Is this reversible 53946E67-5EC7-4DB6-B4A9-711C5F3C77A3


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Here is a link to the Olsen page for the 263E motor.


Note the E unit is positioned just like yours and, yes, the E unit can be reversed for application in different locomotive shell.

Can you provide a photo of the motor showing the brush plate side ? The motor looks clean. Do you know if the previous owner had serviced the armature, brushes and E unit? If so, we can assist you in testing the motor. If it has not been serviced and you need assistance to accomplish that task, we can assist with that as well. Once the motor is operating as intended, assistance in reassembly can be provided. 

As a first step in reassembly, I would print out all five pages of the Olsen material BMORAN4 provided a link to as well as the page from the above link. With copies in hand, match your parts to the Olsen parts to make sure you have a complete set of parts. You will get somewhat of a feel for assembly as you undertake this task. 

Here is another link. This is to a EBAY offering but some good photos are shown that could be helpful in reassembly.




That's great news!

Your spread of parts looks like there are duplicates as well as missing and worn/damaged items. My suggestion from earlier still stands. It is necessary to carefully compare what you have against the Olsen prints and, possibly, internet photos and develop a "need to get" parts list. Your motor frame, as an example, has a tag attached to the roller pickup. Do you just need a new roller (part SLS254-3), or complete roller pickup assembly (hopefully not) (part SLS48)? The motor frame is also missing one wheel axle bushing but it is in your spread of parts. Also missing from your photo are all the "running gear" items such as the side rods (part 260E-33), main rods and cross bars (part 260E-64C), valve gears (part 263E-13), spacers (part 263E-8C) and probably the proper screws to affix these parts to the motor or shell.

Are you ready to take this step or do you feel you require some other assistance first?


I have an envelope with all the drive rods and screws in it.  Just didn’t post it. And there are new wheels as well as the broken wheels in the pic. I need to get the new bushing. The old one is in the envelope as well. We are looking at all the diagrams now and matching parts

Thanks for the return note and for the additional photo. As you try to match up parts, make use of the EBAY photos as well as the Olsen diagrams. They were quite good. 

Does this latest photo show everything you have except for the locomotive shell and motor or do you still have more parts in the envelope? The reason I ask is that in your latest post you indicate the old wheel bushing was in the envelope but it sure looked to me like there was one in the photo attached to your first post. What makes you think you need a new one? If lubricated wheel axles turn smoothly in the wheel bushings with no evidence of a sloppy fit, I believe they are good to use. That also applies to the fourth bushing. If ok, you can insert it into its place in the motor side frame and use it.

Studying the latest photo, it appears there are 4 main rods with cross heads and it further appears two are one size and two are a different size. You only need one of the correct size on each side of the locomotive. Additionally, it appears that the two guides (one each side) normally riveted to the steam chest to support each main rod are missing and it also appears you only have one valve gear assembly and one side rod.

Post again to let us know how you are doing.





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