Hello all, I received several hopefully complete kits  from an EBay auction with no directions recently.  The kit parts are for an AHM Rivarossi Indiana Harbor Belt  0-8-0 Switcher kit   I was wondering where I might find any assembly information.  Thanx in advance for any help.  Ron T

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Cor, great conversion! Ron, Here is a couple of mine I recommend a heavy weight in the boiler as well. Thanks Roo.DSC06599


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Nice build, but what are the side on the lead tender truck for? I've never seen anything like that before.

hi Matt

it's a booster (an extra set of cilinders) ,to give more pulling power for a short time

with the 3 cilinders and it's booster i had a traction effort off 89000lb (without booster 750000lb)

i have scanned a model railroader from 1971, for those who wants to put more details on it




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Hi Guys

Since the original motor designed for this kit does not seem to available any longer does anyone know what currently available motor will work with this Kit ?


is it only the motor you are missing?

the motorising kit was with the wheels with a steel rim and pick ups.

all pictures and text in red on the manual are the extras who came in the motorising kit 

any 12v motor will do fine, i have put a faulhaber in it, a bit larger then the origional , but with some try and error it is posible

post some pictures ,its easyer to see what your problem is


Hi I can post pictures but all I have is literally many bags (and I mean LOTS of bags - according to the shipping weight 6 pounds of them - supposedly enough for 5 engines and 1 tender) of plastic only parts with 95% of all the pieces still on the sprue  I needed your instructions just so I could start to sort all the various pieces out. I think they may have even included parts from other kits LOL  There are no metal parts at all (no wheels, pickups, wires etc) so I imagine I would need what AHM would call the entire motorized kit. If metal parts are needed I am missing them


Hi Moonlicht

I rechecked definitely no metal parts. So it looks like its a shelf queen and a parts box item  (lots of parts LOL)  OH Well  I might be able to buy a damaged working similar model and kit bash this to fit on the chassis but that is a project for an other time

Thank you for all your effort on my behalf

Yes it's a bit sad you can't get it up and running they look good on the track crawling slowly through a maze of turnouts but then I suppose Brass one's are the same except I've never seen a brass locomotive in standard O scale and probably never will. I can live without them, I have plenty of Rivarossi 0-8-0 kits to play with and the layout is completely diesel for operations. Roo.

Yes - they are beautiful models, and in the proper scale for the track gauge.  But motorizing them does little to make them better.  You would really need a better engine bed and metal drivers, with a good NWSL gearbox and an 8000-series Pittman or equivalent.  I had one, motorized, and loved the detail, but as a runner it sucked.

The KTM version is 1/4" scale, and not as well detailed, but it will run better. They are showing up at around $450 on eBay.

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