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A good friend of mine owns a Fundimensions/Lionel 6-8352 Santa Fe Diesel locomotive that requires replacement of the rubber tires.

The issue is the side frames are swaged on and difficult to remove.  The question is can the rubber tires be replaced without removing the side frames?

Also does a video exist which demonstrates the process for locomotives of this type - as I couldn't locate one?



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My experience is also one of frustration when replacing traction tyres. I had the good fortune to replace not one, but the traction tyres on two of my MTH RailKing diesels last week.

I noticed they were "wobbling" as they traveled down straight sections on the layout, and that's when I found they had "thrown" a tyre!!!

Easy peezy getting the old tyres off because they had stretched so much, not so easy getting the replacement tyres back on!!!

In the end, I dropped the truck from the motor (one screw) and unscrewed the side frame from the truck to give me full access to the wheels in question. Also gave me the opportunity to check the grease in the gearbox, and give the axles a little oil.

Refitted the side frames, attached the truck back to the motor/worm drive, and all is well again on the railroading front down-under!!!

Peter......Buco Australia.

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