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"HONGZ" stands for HO scale, N scale, G scale, and Z scale.

Post your non-O scale stuff here!

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@joe krasko posted:

Looking to replace belts on several Atheran Budd cars from the 70's...I remember using dental retainer question is what size...thanks in advance....joe

I don't know what size of dental retainer bands, but I also saw mentioned here getting a bag of rubber bands from the beauty section of a drug store. So I got a pack of assorted sizes of black rubber bands in the beauty section of Rite-Aid drugs and they seem to work ok on my Athearn blue box RDC car.

Yep, still have two of those belt drive Athearns.  I think they can actually approach the speed of sound at half throttle.  I thought about putting in those powered truck retrofit units a couple decades ago, but said, nah, they are just fun to run.  Train world still stocks these, #90101, and they list it as the last set available right now.  They sort of look like the kind a kid uses with braces too.

The Hustler couldn't pull more than four light weight cars, but boy could it fly!  I bought mine at a neighborhood corner store where the owner was a model railroader and had a railroad section in the store.  Hustlers were very affordable as I recall, cheap enough for an eleven year old  paper's boy income. Anyone remember what they paid for one?   And yes, I used rubber bands from my braces.


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