Athearn type band drive ...O scale best diesel "sound system"

Hello all 

Today we have a pair of cast F units ..unknown maker..(so far ..any guesses?) ..not Adams, Atwater/GMC/All Nation, Wentzco , CLW, Baldwin /Walthers ......  body castings are a lead ? soft metal ... castings nose 2 piece, sides, roof, back ...  heavy yes ..  outside 3rd rail ... which is fun .. band drive ... (Athearn ran away with the value minded HO F unit buyers in 1956)... simple drive ..oiled it up, freed the bearings ..and the motor roars  alive ..for the first time in decades ... 

turn up the volume and listen to the engine ...sounds like a real diesel ....


fine paint job with a broom 


any ideas as to who made this engine ? 

Cheers Carey 





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Hello all ..

Royboy ..I do not think Athearn ever offered an engine in O gauge fact I think they phased out all  O scale  about the time  they brought out the rubber band drive F unit in HO . 


Bob thank you for mentioning the south of the border F units ....I've heard of them ...but never seen one ..perhaps till now ...  I'll start flipping through OSR see if the Mexican F units appear ....  

Cheers Carey 


Hello Bob ...if you were referring to the Deses  diesels of Mexico is a link to more info about them


the Deses appears to be a lovely Die-Cast  engine ...quite a step up from my lead door stops ...but they do sound great running..

Is there another Mexican manufacturer you were thinking of ? 

Thank you 

Cheers Carey 


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