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The locomotive will join the Sugar Express, a similar steam locomotive (#148) that U.S. Sugar restored in 2019 to be used as a tourist attraction.

According to, U.S. Sugar is the only sugar cane farming operation in the continental U.S. that transports all of its cane from the fields to the sugar factory by rail.

“Our CEO Bob Buker is a history buff and has long had an interest in bringing visitors to our rural farming community to experience historical steam locomotives in action as a way of learning about both our company’s history and our current agricultural operations’ part in helping feed American families.

“Restoring the #1504 will allow us to further these public education efforts centering around our own #148, as part of The Sugar Express, which will provide both excursion trips and occasionally assist in harvest operations,” said Judy Sanchez, U.S. Sugar spokeswoman, in an email.



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Very nice, as it will be going to a good home. Back when I used to cover the Seaboard Coast Line for EMD (Sept. 1967 thru Nov. 1972), and lived in Jacksonville, I remember seeing her on display in the parking lot of theHeadquarters Building, down on the water front of the St. Johns River. Visitor parking was usually available right at the 1504. The "old ACL guys" in the Mechanical Dept. told me that the 1504 was a "zero mile" locomotive, in that it had been completely overhauled, but never run, prior to her being put on display.

Even though the boiler will require the full FRA 15 year re-certification, her running gear shouldn't require much.

Interesting to read that No. 148 runs on vegetable oil, more environmentally-friendly. Presumably No. 1504 will be set up to do the same.

Not a big deal, but one easily noticable difference between the two is the position of the headlight, with No. 148 having its mounted at the top of the boiler, while No. 154's is in the center.

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