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Hillside, N.J., 1/26/2012 - Atlas Model Railroad Co., Inc. has agreed to purchase all O scale structure tooling, as well as existing O scale structure inventory, from Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. In the near future, these structures will be available from Atlas under the Atlas O product brand.

“We are sure that modelers will be very pleased to see these great buildings back in production as part of the Atlas O family of products,” said Phil Walthers, CEO of Wm. K. Walthers, Inc.

The structures are very well-designed and their subject matter appeals to a wide range of O scale modelers. The variety of commercial and industrial structures will enhance existing layouts quickly and easily. “We are very excited to be expanding our O scale offerings with such a quality line of structures,” said Tom Haedrich, Atlas CEO. “We think modelers will find new inspiration for their layouts.” Plans are underway to put Atlas’ own unique touch on these appealing structures.

This buying agreement comes on the heels of the announcement that Atlas O, LLC is now merged with Atlas Model Railroad Co., Inc.; Atlas O is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Atlas Model Railroad Co. Inc.

Atlas Model Railroad Co., Inc. is a family-owned business founded in 1924 as the Atlas Tool Company. Over the span of 88 years, and continuing today, Atlas has built its offerings to include items for almost every aspect of O, HO and N scale model railroading.
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Great. If Atlas is really serious about this, then they'll have a wealth of possible O scale buildings they can market beyond what Walthers already has done. And I agree with PRR above. There are loads of HO buildings in the Walthers catalogue that represent opportunity for Atlas in O scale. Maybe they've done this after seeing that the recently introduced Woodland Scenics buildings have done well. Whatever the reason, we can hopefully benefit from this move.

I wondered when this would be announced.

I believe these are the built ups or kits that are included in the purchase.

Built Ups
#2700 Trackside set (tower/ crossing shanty/ speeder shed, gates/ speeder) –
#2702 Operating Crossing Gate
#2705 Powered Oil pump
#2706 Golden Valley Passenger Depot
#2711/12 Melissa’s Deli/ Silver Dollar Cafe
#2713 Palace Theater
#2714 Dave’s Super Service
#2715 Route 66 Motel office and cabin
#2717 City Litho/ Blackrock Beverages

#3304 Phoenix Oil
#3305 Brookhill Dairy
#3307 Fairfield Station
#3308 Sur-sweet Feeds
#3309 Interlocking Tower
#3311 Steel Water Tower
#3312 Ken’s Kar Town
#3313 Walton & Sons Lumber Co

Looking forward to seeing these on the market again.
In case anyone wants to see what these look like, here are links to the Walthers catalog to those items that are still listed:

Built Ups
2700 3 Piece Trackside Set Link
2703 3 Piece Trackside Set Link
2709 3 Piece Trackside Set Link
2704 Speeder Shed Link
2710 Speeder Shed Link
2706 Golden Valley Depot Link
2708 Golden Valley Depot Link
2711 Melissa’s Eastside Deli Link
2712 Silver Dollas Cafe Link
2713 Palace Theater Link
2715 Route 66 Motel - Office Link
2716 Motel Cabin Link

3301 The Toy Shoppe Link
3302 Nicole's Java Hut Link
3304 Phoenix Fuel Oil Link
3305 Brook Hill Farm Dairy Link
3307 Fairfield Station Link
3308 Sur-Sweet Feeds Link
3309 Interlocking Tower Link
3310 Five Star Service Link
3311 Steel Water Tower Link
3312 Krazy Ken’s Car Town Link
3313 Walton & Sons Lumber Co Link
Without getting into the Walter's Website. Here are some pictures on what is or will be available. On my layout, or the modular layout.
Sur-Sweet feeds.

Walton Lumber Company

Dave's Super Service.

Interlocking tower.

Tower, Speeder and Shed.

Krazy Ken's Car town

One of the most interesting yet underrate features of the plastic assembly kits was a double locking tab feature. Easily assembled without glue and could be dis-assembled if only a seasonal display. Later years saw Walters go to the built-ups, (out of the box), structure. The built-ups are much harder to detail.
I've looked for the Brookhill Dairy for sometime with no luck.
Just my 2 cents worth in case Atlas looks at this.

Reissue the water tank first with a revised and improved water column which would also be offered by itself. There is no good SCALE water column available now. The MTH is nice but so hugely oversize.

Then the industrial buildings(lumber, feed, oil).

Lastly the town buildings as so many others exist and are available.

It is nice to see Atlas continuing to commit to O scale.

George Lasley

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