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Hello. Looking for the following Atlas 2-rail F-3 units from 2009 and 2011

3637-1 WP 801A (powered) (a unit)
3637-2 WP 802A (powered) (a unit)
3638-1 WP 801B (powered) (b unit)
3638-2 WP 802B (powered) (b unit)
2688-1 WP 801C (unpowered) (b unit)
2688-2 WP 802C (unpowered) (b unit)
3640-1 CB&Q 9960A (powered) (a unit)
3641-1 CB&Q 9960B (powered) (b unit)
3641-2 CB&Q 9961B (powered) (b unit)
2690-1 CB&Q 9960C (unpowered) (b unit)
2690-2 CB&Q 9961C (unpowered) (b unit)



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