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The new inserts are working very well... big improvement for me.

The photos are not good... but, you should be able to get the idea.  Here is a shot of the original brown inserts (they do not belong there they are for comparison only) next to the new Black Inserts which are properly installed.  O72 top & #5 bottom

Atlas O72 top Atlas #5 bottom

They are Right and Left specific.  The O72s have a 2 degree jog where the insert exists the split center rail and the #5s have a 1 degree jog.  I can easily tell if I have the wrong side as the insert will not be centered.   The inserts sit very flat and level approximately .25mm below the rails.

Rail Spike Clearance, the inserts do not sit on the rail spikes.

Rail Spike Clearance

This allows the insert to sit flat on the ties.   Hold the square butt end (Left) and place the pointed end into the split center rail.  The two pencil marks just left of where the inserts exit the split rail is where I apply a tiny dab of  GOOP.

Here's a CAD shot

Atlas Switch Insert

I'll get these up on the 3D site sometime soon... in the meantime, have at it.


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@PRR1950 posted:

For those of us unsure, what is the purpose of the "inserts"?


Without any inserts... rollers can fall into the void and stop a train dead in it's tracks.  The original inserts work quite well but I had a couple of locomotives and a couple of tenders that still had issues with the spacing... that is now fixed.   Because the new inserts are a whisker lower than the rails there is better electrical contact... the originals are flush with the rails or can ride up a hair above the rails over time.  There were a few other trains that could not make it through the switches at low speed... so, that issue is now fixed as well.  I also prefer the look of the new inserts.

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