I need 4 of the Atlas # 50 switch machines to finish my switches. I know that they have been recalled by Atlas BUT, IF there is anyone who has some extras for sale OR if you know a dealer who might have some please e-mail me. I live on the big island in Hawaii so searching by computer is the only way to buy stuff from the mainland. My e-mail address is dpwrwcsmco@aol.com. IS there a chance that another brand will work with Atlas switch machines? Thank you, Mike

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My buddy just sent his back to Atlas for a refund. We are going with a momentary toggle, an Atlas #200 relay and LEDs for his layout.

Thanks bob. I guess none are still out there.


I don't know whether you are aware of the reason for the recall. I spoke with the Atlas electronics guru at York a few Yorks ago. The #50 has caused the switch solenoid to overheat and meltdown.  After considering the  possible consequences we decided to pull them.


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