Atlas #57 Illuminated Delux Switch Control Box

Hey Guys. What Issues is their with these?  I have 35 of the boxes, I baught these thru Am Hobbies/JD's Trains back in 11/17/14. Their is a note on his website about a recall. I understand that their web sites are no longer in business.  So I sent Atlas an email  and they say they will give a refund through their website. So now I need to know what is wrong with these? Has any one used the control boxes and what was the problem ? Can I fix them? They look like they will come apart very easyly .  

hear is a photo of the switch control box._DSC9830 [2) 


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The button that is pressed after throwing the switch lever, can stick down and continue to send power to the switch motor and burn out the switch motor,  If you use the Non-derail board, that board will interrupt the power if the button sticks.

List the #57 switch machines on Ebay and you will have people fighting to buy them. I have the NON-derail boards to wire to the switches.  I do not have enough #57 Controllers.  I would be interested in some of the #57 Controllers.

Sincerely, John Rowlen

John Rowlen  I went through and reread the posting of Uberstationmeister and I would like to thank him for reposting the 4 links of mostly me wondering why I was keeping these and not sending them back to Atlas?  Well I have already figured it out. I was keeping them and planed on still using them because I have I think all of the #6924 boards needed to go with the #57's. So Thanks and This is why I have been putting things to the side and the reason I need to keep up the fight. People who have had Strokes will know what I mean. 

Having encountered frequent melted Atlas switch motors while making house calls one feature was always present, an Atlas switch controller, #57 or the standard one.

Due to the ease of wiring a series of them they can be tempting to use.  However, I would only recommend to use conventional momentary toggle switches or Touch Toggles.

Eternity is a long time to have been wrong.

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