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I had these cars still in boxes and I was waiting on acquiring some loads for them. I could have run them empty too. I hate to say it, but I have too much stuff so some of it stays in boxes waiting for their place on the RR. I recently got some more tractor trailers and finally now just a couple of Abrams tanks.

 I have to get some chain binders and figure out what chain I'll settle on. The MTH cars come with the chains so maybe I'll try and match them?

The darker tank is from the MTH car. I just opened up the lighter colored one. Please don't tell me about current colors. It'll take the fun out of it for me. If I had more guts, I'd paint over the tanks as they all seem to have the exact same markings. I'm just happy to be working towards a military train finally.




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Hey Joe, I have have seen many model RR running car after car after car etc of military tanks all the same color and to me it kinda gets boring.  I have built a lot of 1:35 scale tanks for my G scale train and every now and then I'll either use a lighter or darker shade of green just so they are NOT all the same.  Nice tanks.  Did MTH ever do an Army flat car yet in 1:32 scale?


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